I travelled in Tanzania a couple of years ago. One of the must see places was, of course, Zanzibar. I wont even start telling you how much I fell in love (still am) with this little, bright, warm, lovely island. We were 3 friends wandering up and down the island in our rented old, small SUV when, stopping to check up on this beach we noticed from afar a house in the middle of the water.
It was low tide, lucky us, we were able to actually see what’s happening inside. It is a charming restaurant, expensive as hell, for zanzibarian standards, for our standards anyway, but we couldn’t help but staying for a fresh passion fruit juice. Enjoy the view from The Rock, the breeze it’s cool, the wind is refreshing, the horizon is inviting to start dreaming eyes wide open!


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  1. It is a very nice place, especially when you discover it by mistake like I did. But go go you wont be sorry. It’s situated on the east side of the island, in Chwaka Bay, Pingwe beach, almost at the top of the peninsula (you will see on the map). If you reach Jambiani and Bwejuu beaches (which I highly recommend) all you have to di it’s to carry on driving straight the main road to Bwejuu.
    You have made an inspired choice, Zanzibar it’s fantastic. If you look for less touristy areas head towards south and east.

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