How to enjoy a nice beach in Bali?
Jump on your motorbike/ rented car, drive reasonable miles away from your hotel/ home stay, ask people around for ‘pantai’ and then finally pray that when you get to that ‘fantastic land’ you wont be disappointed!

I must admit Bali was a disappointment to me (having Zanzibar in mind right now) when it came to exotic dream-like beaches, like everyone would expect for a subtropical island. Soon after we arrived we went to the most popular beaches, we were new there, we thought it cant be that bad, how wrong we were!!! Kuta beach is top of my ‘never go back’ list. Generally, the most touristy they are the more dirty they get.

We have done our part of search, I am happy to have found a few very beautiful, worth the travel beaches! Here are some pictures…No I wont give names, I dont want them to get too popular, escuse my selfishness but finding beautiful beaches in Bali is part of discovering the island, it cant be taken for granted.

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