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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with brutalist architecture. It is far from being romantic but I, for some strange reason, love concrete so I can appreciate the beauty in this type of architecture. Only just noticed the circular opening, it makes it more geometric :). Thank you!

  2. Hi Ana, in continuation of our discussion on the housing crisis, where you say:
    “I had a look through your posts and higly praised the ones about the renting trend/problem. It is indeed an issue that needs to be adressed. It’s becoming ridiculous, especially when you look at the very poor quality of accommodation one can find nowadays and even more sad, what we actually accept of being a decent house for the amount of money we pay…”
    I am super grateful for your response as you outline the main reasons for starting my blog a week ago. I have waited a long time but now feel “to hell with it, I am going to try to do something about this.” I don’t know how this will pan out, but I feel architects have a public / activist function which we have completely neglected. I loved your blog, and I am curious about your architectural work.

    I will try to keep the feed on the housing question ‘live’ and show good as well as bad examples.

  3. Hi Thomas, I genuinely thought your approach towards the housing issue it’s admirable. I will keep an eye on your feed and am looking forward to the examples.
    Thank you for your feedback, I surely appreciate it! My architectural is rather on the technical side lately, due to the nature of the actual architectural market in the UK, I prefer keeping in in the CV 🙂
    I am, however, enjoying a lot exploring well thought, well designed, eurythmic, sustainable oriented work from out there, through my blog. I am mostly interested in projects using techniques, materials and knowledge to support and improve areas where architectural initiative should be a lot more present than it actually is.

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