First of all, Happy New Year to you all, especially to my followers. I want to thank you for sticking around and supporting my attempts of blogging for the past few months. I want to become better this year, first in photography and then here, curating. I ended up 2012 buying my first analog rangefinder (Yashica Electro 35 GTN), I am very excited, I shot a test film while in Malta, didn’t process it yet but if any good photo comes out of it you will soon be seeing it posted.

Malta was most probably the best choice for a safe sunny destination in Europe this time of year. Except one windy-ish day out of 8, the weather has not failed on me once. Not bad I would say! I enjoyed it to the maximum, you must know by now how dependent I am on sunshine, especially since I live in London.

The mediterranean atmosphere does wonders for me, sun-kissed towns and coastlines, pine tree smell, relaxed people. I couldn’t be more grateful and smiley every time I had endless blue sky above my head. All this in the middle of winter…ahhh la vita e bella!

One small little big detail was missing to make my winter escape perfect. The food!!! I must have been cursed to have bad food in Malta or the food culture is just not that great on this island, or maybe I just made bad choices in terms of restaurants. But still, one single good meal in 8 days (except pizza, bu I never count it, one can hardly go wrong with pizza)?!!! Residents of Malta, please, tell me you have a diet going beyond fries, hamburger and pizza!

To view full size of photos click on ‘view full size’ on the right side of the screen, for a reason that I do know the resolution in the gallery is wrong. I am sorry for that!

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  1. Hey 🙂
    I am Maltese and to be honest, did you ask at all for food places in Malta?
    There are a couple Maltese restaurants I could personally tell you about.
    If you want send me an email or something and come back here, and I’ll tell you where to go!


  2. I am truly sorry I havent asked the whole wide world before going there, it would have made Malta experience perfect. I guess I have a reason to go back someday, one never knows, especially since I plan on moving to Italy in a few months.
    Thank you for offering, you are blessed to have been born in a lovely country!
    There is a contact page on my blog, you can write the name of the places there. Cheers!

    1. We had accommodation in Mellieha where we had most of diners. Having rented a car we were open to travel around if for a restaurant. The only place my taste buds were happy was Don Berto in Birgu, otherwise everything was average and not as fresh as I expected. Not much sea food/fish either, fresh I mean. I definitely went up there without doing much of research I guess. Do you live in Malta?

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