Continuing my travel diaries from Bali, I thought it’s time to present you the squad from Ubud Monkey Forest.

The forest is a nature reserve and temple complex in the town of Ubud and home for some 350 Crab-easting Macaque, 4 groups, each occupying different territories in the park. My first encounter with these little devils was rather shy but then, over time, when we discovered the free non-touristy entry into the park (shhh this is a well kept secret!) it ended up being one of my favourite places in Bali. It feels magnificent to wander around their environment and observe the very busy social life they have. One thing I learned and the key to a peaceful walk in monkey forest was to carry no food with me whatsoever. Otherwise I’d get monkeys climbing over right up to my bag in search of they food they can sense easily. And they succeed, because they dont lack courage and determination for a fresh rambutan or a sweet banana. Oh, no no no, they are noisy, naughty, fast and opportunistic but clever in the same time.

I’ve always been struck by the various face expressions the monkeys show.

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