0 thoughts on “An owl’s heart

  1. Dearest Runner
    Beautiful but also slightly scary – it seems to indicate that this owl has no real heart and yet I always thing of them as being amongst the most benign of birds.
    The Dandy has long been a fan of all things strigine, before the current owl-mania, and has a moderate collection of memorabilia related to these graceful creatures.
    It is his fervent hope that one day a perfume will be produced in the shape of his favourite feathered friends thus uniting his passions.
    Thank you as always for your image.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear PD,
      A thing wouldn’t be beautiful if it wouldn’t be a bit scary, maybe that’s why you like so much these mysterious creatures. You know, in my country, they say, if an owl sings close to ones house it’s bad news because it predicts a death soon coming in the area.
      I wonder how the smell of a owl shaped bottle would be?!

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