I’ve been breathing Italian air for almost a month.
It’s been a race against time finding a house. While my boyfriend was still in London sorting out things, I was here trying to find a house for two people, NOT AN EASY JOB! Important thing is that we found one, we moved in and now we are easily finding our place in the house.
As by magic, London weather has been following me for the first 2 weeks or so of my stay in bella Roma, I was the only one happy it is only either cloudy or raining but not actually cold. Raining in Rome feels like a tropical shower comparing to the bitter cold rain of London.
I took the camera out for a walk once in the past month (except the daily snapshots I am always taking with my phone), below are some of the shots. While looking for good frames with my eyes I realised once again how beautiful this city is, there’s a feeling in the air, something about the ancient civilisation that the modern life couldn’t change over the centuries, it is powerful and bold.

_AMR2961 _AMR2962 _AMR2963 _AMR2964 _AMR2966 _AMR2973 _AMR3002 _AMR2965

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