I’ve been mostly catching up with work lately and so been bad keeping up with my photographic work. I found, as expected, the presence of sun much tempting in the evenings.

Most of the days, instead of spending even more time in front of my laptop as I do when I work, I preferred going out for long walks or bike rides, exploring Rome, after all we’ve just started a new adventure in  this absolutely beautiful city. Architectural details and people have been my main photographic subjects during these escapes into the ancient metropolis. 

These photos are part of a collection I’m slowly building up, with hanging laundry in the mediterranean countries. My new love affair, among others, never been able to stay loyal!

Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome

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  1. Hi Leah, thanks a lot for stopping by and following my blogs! I’ve loved your post and photos, dived into the ones from your trip to Italy, remembered me of when I was travelling that part of the country. I have to go back to Cinque Terre as I was just passing by…

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