In the 1990’s Capitolini Museums needed a temporary space to accommodate a big part of its art works while restructuring some of their buildings. The chosen destination for this long-term yet temporary exhibition was an old electricity plant owned by Acea close to Garbatella metro station. It used to be the first power plant that gave Rome electricity.
Leaving the aged steam turbines and diesel engines in their place, the exhibition was opened in 1997 with the name The Machines and the Gods, and brought together two seemly conflicting worlds: classical art and industrial archaeology.
Due to the popularity of the above mentioned exhibition, in 2005, it was decided that the old power plant would become a permanent exhibition place.

Not only pushing the boundaries in terms of curation, Capitolini Museums have recently undergone a project in collaboration with Google, allowing members of the public to walk through the rooms of the museums in Google’s Street View. First delivering art to an industrial setting, and now to the 21st century through the internet, only time will tell where the next revolutionary project will take the museum.

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