I have recently revisited Rome, partly because I wanted to spend a few days with my mum and partly because I missed the city. It was also around St. Valentine’s day, I thought, since my partner couldn’t join me, I should just enjoy my Italian love, Rome! Lazy weekend, walking around, eating well, remembering familiar places. One of these places is Campo de’Fiori market, which I have been passing by so many times while living there I forgot to appreciate its beauty.

Funny story, I was having dinner in one of my favourites restaurants in the area, Costanza, when one of the waiters kindly gave me the leaflet with its story. The legend says, in the very place where the restaurant was going to be built, there use to be the Theatre Of Pompey. It’s under the statue of Pompey where Caesar was killed on 15th of March 44BC, as he was entering the theatre to attend a senate session, ignoring the warnings to avoid the meeting.
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