My excitement sky rocketed today. It’s 6th of November in this part of the world (Spain – Valencia) and people are  still going to the beach!! I was amazed, I mean it might be the normality here but I’m not used to it. Me and my partner took a bike ride to see the sea at lunch and it definitely made my day!

On a different note, life has been running fast and busy. After spending almost half of the year in Romania (my home country) sorting out, long due personal stuff, I was on the road non-stop for about one month. Most of it in Thailand and the rest in London catching up with dear friends and places.

As you may have noticed from my last post I am currently in Valencia. The never-ending pursuit of sunshine has brought us here. We are still tourists, looking to find our place in the city. Any of you guys willing to give me some tips about places and things to do I might have missed so far don’t hesitate!

I wish I’d been more present here lately but as I was saying life has happened and I had to let it do so. Photography is so much part of my life though that I might never disappear for too long. I want this blog to be my playground and post when ever I feel like it, whenever I have something I think it’s worth showing (you noticed I’m not a big talker). So guys, I’m still reporting, thank you for staying around!

Oh and here is the blue I was telling you about the other day. Phone shots as it’s in my pocket all the time, very handy to just use!

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