Spending Christmas outside Valencia was a last-minute decision and so we chose Madrid since neither of us had been before and thought a few days would be a good introduction to the capital. As per the usual custom, we decided on AirBnb for accommodation. A lovely one I must say, situated in an ex-commercial center building called Galerias Piquer wich were inaugurated in 1952 but used to be very famous in the 70’s.

We spent most of the time around Lavapiés area with the regular visits to the most popular places. We’ve only been to one museum but it was enough, the National Museum of Art Reina Sofia which is very big, one can easily spend half of the day in without ever finishing all the exhibitions. It is worth the visit, though.

Lavapiés makes it a good place to be if you want to find nice coffee places and restaurants, it wasn’t so easy for us around Christmas time only because of the odd eating schedule (for us, coming from Northern Europe) of Spanish people and of course, Christmas. One could see it is a vibrant area, with people from all over the world, both tourists and locals. If you are among the ones having dinner after 9.30 pm you have a good chance to find tasty food from just about any culinary culture. We’ve had spot-on Indian food, which is hard to find in Europe except London. Mercado de San Miguel is another must-visit place if you like food, hard to miss any of the tapas in there, it’s heaven!

I liked Madrid, I could tell it is a city that has a lot to offer. It reminded me somehow of Paris because of it’s grandiose buildings, large boulevards and a noble feeling all in all. We will return…

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