If you genuinely enjoy food, you must have heard about Thai food and the extraordinary street food culture of this fantastic country. I must admit, one of the reasons Thailand was top of the list among countries to visit in Southeast Asia was its culinary reputation.

Thailand is a country where you can eat fresh and tasty food literally anywhere at any time of the day. No wonder I went around snapping mostly photos of food. From noodles and meat to fruits and vegetables, to sweets and fresh juices to spices and dried seafood, Thailand has all the ingredients to blow your gourmand taste buds off. Did I mention that all this comes at ridiculously small prices…oh but you knew that already!

I’ve inserted loads of photos but couldn’t leave many behind.

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    1. Thank you very much for the feedback! I love the 55mm, great for focusing on low light and fantastic depth of field. I have an old nikon wich I use with an adaptor but it’s manual focus so on trips it’s not that versatile.

      1. you’re very welcome 🙂
        i use an old olympus 50mm on my sony and i have not really problems with manual focusing but i don’t get something remotely sharp as the 55mm from it below f4. i like the look most of the time but the 55mm really has a lot more punch (in the wallet, too, of course, though :))

        1. I love the look of the old 50mm Nikon but, you are right, the sharpness is not the same. The pictures look rather arty 🙂 Yeah, I know what you mean, I felt the punch in pocket as well!

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