Spending the weekend away from the city meant a perfect opportunity to use my old Nikkor AF f/1.4 50mm. I’d fixed it up on the Sony alpha with an adapter a while ago but never really got the time to use it much, especially because it only works with MF and it’s a bit uncomfortable in some situations.

I like the results, apart from the occasional vignetting, the photos have such a beautiful ‘analog film’ feel to them. I especially enjoy the soft focus and the bokeh that the lens creates.

A bit about Jávea now. It is a coastal town, part of the Marina Alta area of Alicante province about 80kms from Valencia. The entire area has shortly become our first choice for a quick and relaxing weekend away from Valencia. It feels a lot like a holiday destination. The towns and villages are mainly built of white-painted houses with typical Spanish architecture, very well maintained and taken care of. There are plenty of outdoor activities available to explore the area, like hikes and walks, not to mention the beach and the sea. One of the most charming places I’ve visited so far in Spain…I have plenty more to visit, though!


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