Do I need an umbrella?

For the past almost 4 years I developed a habit. Carrying an umbrella everywhere with me is not the kind of habit I wish I’d come to know, even though as a woman I, by default, have in my bag endless of useless but so very useful stuff. I have been living in London and as everyone who has spent more than two weeks in this city I learned rain is a loyal footstep follower. Annoying follower I would say, since London can be humid, windy and cold in the same time.

Reason why the almost never-ending rain has come to wear me out and wish, everyday, to be in a less dark and wet spot, somewhere in the tropical country! I packed fears and summer clothes and I flew to hot hot lands. Indonesia became my home for 3 months. I arrived there in the middle of rainy season!! Figure that! Ah well, I said to myself, as long as the temperature is high I will stand even a heavy shower.

Let me tell you something. I could live in a tropical country, I actually love the humid hot rainy days! I feel warm, that’s all it counts, no more tensed muscles, no more tens of layers of clothes, light like a cloud! I don’t even feel like using an umbrella, that’s the beauty of it! Ok, why not admit it, sometimes, while in Bali, I was using it but only by the instinct a I got living in London for 4 years!

Is umbrella a must have in your bags/rucksack/purse?

Here is where I rather stay when rains in London, behind closed windows!




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