My first encounter with Bali

In January, this year, I have left behind a cold London for what it was going to be a thrilling, sweet, testing and revealing 3 months adventure. I had no idea then that Bali will become my ‘sweetheart’. Me and M had to chose a destination, we had a list with boxes to tick which are not the focus of this post, like it happens in real life and finally we decided for Bali, one single island among some 17 000 in Indonesia.
Knackered and jet-lagged we arrived in Denpasar after sunset; we were driven to the house, which was to be our home for one month. We went to bed hoping the big gecko we’ve spotted wandering on top of the beam wont sniff around our noses during the night. It was going to be the beginning of a series of nights where birds, geckos, insects and bats were watching over our not so quiet sleep.
I remember very clear the long walk we had on the first morning in Ubud, warm and sunny, buzzing with life, smelling like incense and frangipani, wondering why the Balinese people decorate trees, being very tourists (by very tourists I mean stopping at the first place, populated with tourists, having a lovely but rather expensive drink).
Days passing our skin got from floury-white to a bit more golden, thank you sun for that!! We began preferring local places for our drinks/food to the point of me, going to the yoga ashram up in the village and M, playing football with the guys in the same village.
I will now, my lovely readers, whom had the patience to read through my attempt of writing (I’m better at taking pictures) offer you a taste of my first encounter with Bali.
As I have promised before, more to come, Bali related posts in a documentary shape.


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