Looking up at Piano’s St.Giles

At first I wasn’t convinced by the lego-ish look of Piano’s new complex. More because the historic area where it sits in London and the artificial feel I thought would bring to the existing.

I’m still not convinced but I must admit it brings color in most of cloudy days London is blessed to have all year round. It’s even better when the sun is shining, is colourful, damn, is what London needs the most in terms of spirit!

I took a few of the buildings the other day when I was passing by, just because the sunt was complimenting its colours so lovely!







2 thoughts on “Looking up at Piano’s St.Giles

    1. It is indeed, thank you for the comment! Lovely website and full of useful information, just checked it out! How comes I didn’t know about it so far…I’m glad I do know tough!


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