Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Since I’ve been pretty active on Instagram lately I thought this is a good idea to post a selection of snap shots I took around the area I live, on my way to and back from work or while just out for a walk/bite.

Dalston is a very lively neighbourhood. It has probably one of the most ethnically varied population which makes it unique in it’s way, over the decades has been a welcoming area for people all over the globe. They came in with their culture, customs and identity transforming Dalston in a colourful, tasty and joyful place.

Everyone must have had at least once the flavoured Vietnamese food or the juicy well grilled meat and fresh salads in one of tens turkish restaurants, all of the ridiculously cheap and absolutely delicious. If you havent what are you waiting for?!!

To keep you entertained after food, there are plenty of bars/pubs more or less hipster-ish, since you are in East London there can’t be other way. Each of them with the usual diversity of music and style I was telling you about in the beginning.

Here are a few photos, to tempt you with!

IMG_2006 IMG_2544 IMG_2025 IMG_2523 IMG_2528 IMG_2529 IMG_2531 IMG_2744 IMG_2176 IMG_2413 IMG_2076 IMG_2793 IMG_2549 IMG_2550 IMG_2828


19 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

    1. Thank you very much Tobias! I am glad you think that, I do try to curate carefully my galleries. Your pictures are very beautiful, I enjoyed going through your gallery.


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