Photographic view of a Laguna

I met recently, a fellow blogger, purely by chance. He is a very gifted writer with a love for perfumes, his name is Christos,  you must browse through his perfume stories here, dare, you wont be sorry! It took a few sentences and a brilliant idea to challenge me in what one may call a ‘photographic view on fragrance’.

1314717771-02417300So my love for perfume goes beyond words, because I am not good at it, into the visual through shapes, colours and light.

Memory of Scent and I, have teamed up to attribute both text and photographs to a couple of scents, projects in progress but in the meantime I am playing this game alone also.

Here is my photographic view on Laguna by Salvador Dali.

DSC_5095 DSC_4912 DSC_9672 DSC_9461 DSC_9533 DSC_6001 DSC_5677 DSC_5093


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