Alive for a day

Balinese people celebrate a lot. I was once told, by a Balinese friend, they have 6 months worth of days off in a year ( I secretly wish he lied to me). I can almost vouch for his honesty because I have lived in Bali enough to be able to realise he wasn’t far from the truth, ok I may have been there around that time of the year when they celebrate the most, but even so, I’m telling you, their gods must be really pleased.

I happened to experience one very colourful, naughty parade, which takes place during one of the most important Balinese celebrations, Nyepi day. It’s called Ogoh-ogoh and aside from being the symbol of Bhuta-Kala((Bhuta: eternal energy, Kala: eternal time), Ogoh-ogoh is considered a symbol of modes of nature that form the malicious characters of living beings. Ogoh-ogoh are usually made by the group of artists found in villages around Bali.After being paraded on a convoy around the town, finally it is burnt to ashes in a cemetery as a symbol of self-purification.

What I found interesting was the amount of preparation and the dedication the Balinese people put into building the Ogoh-ogoh. Spending our time around the villages we’ve noticed they meticulously started working on them a few good weeks in advance. It made the anticipation even more exciting, we felt a little bit part of the ceremony, besides, one could only have fun by seeing the young and old people together displaying proudly their creations.

_AMR8634 _AMR8772 _AMR8680 _AMR8656 _AMR8650 _AMR8653 _AMR8651 _AMR8646 _AMR8661 _AMR8672 _AMR8649 _AMR8704 _AMR8684 _AMR8716 _AMR8723 _AMR8678 _AMR8746 _AMR8685 _AMR8719 _AMR8671 _AMR8641 _AMR8829A burst of colour and life.


11 thoughts on “Alive for a day

    1. Haha, you made me laugh Kari! You are very kind. I was wondering weather to create a gallery or just to insert into post but I thought, since it’s color it should be even more striking.


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