Philosykos on ASVOF

I am exploring a lot my creativity lately and I am thrilled about the unexpected ways of expression I find on my way.


A project I have been working on in collaboration with Christos from MemoryOfScent ( I’ve briefly mentioned before about it) has just been posted on A Shaded View On Fashion. (click to view the post)

We have combined words and images to create a story, about a scent called PhilosykosIt is an approach meant to stimulate imagination both visually and vocally, to make the experience more palpable. I am very excited about this project, I hope it’s only  the beginning of a journey.

I would like to thank Carla Seipp and Diane Pernet for giving us the opportunity to be featured on ASVOF and to Christos for saying, so brilliantly and inspiring, words at the right moment.



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