Before the journey

This was taken almost one year ago, when I was moving to Rome. I took the last rainy photo of London to remember why I am leaving the city. Only to decide one year later that I want to go back!

/Yashica GTN rangefinder/
London Airport


2 thoughts on “Before the journey

  1. Hmm, why would you leave London for Rome? Was it the accent of the people, maybe :-D Just kidding. Had nearly the same experience, where I was fed up with the wheather in the area, I lived in, only to come back a couple of years later now enjoying it.

  2. I left exactly for the same reason as you did, the weather, plus others obviously. The weather in Rome is amazing but after counting the pros and cons London was the ultimate winner. I was almost sorry I missed London so much because I wanted so bad to leave, but in the end I gave up :P


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