Joan’s place in Russafa

Some of you might know already, from my previous post, that I had the opportunity to organise my second photography exhibition. I would like to introduce you now to the lovely man that was kind enough to let me expose on the walls of his playground. I met Joan by chance when my partner was […]

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This is first building Zaha Hadid’s studio built in Rome. It is also the first national museum of architecture to be established in Italy. Having an architectural background I cannot look at buildings other than subjectively. I must admit that I look at Hadid’s buildings with a particular critical eye than I would normally do, […]

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Daily view

This is what I see everyday… my neighbours house’s rooftops, from the kitchen, the social housing building across the street, from my bedroom and finally a photo I cherish very much and brings sunny memories.

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Don’t miss it!

I am a big fan of National Portrait Gallery, London. Especially the BP Portrait Awards. I have been for 3 ears¬†consequently¬†and every time have been stunned. I simply enjoy it. The artists I have seen are so talented, mostly young people, which is admirable and makes me appreciate it even more. I¬†paid¬†my regular visit to […]

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Bali Pesto

One more for the travelers passing by Ubud, Bali. I introduce you to Bali Pesto Restaurant and it’s wonderful garden. They welcome you with one of the best service you could have in Bali and the most exquisite Fennel soup!

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