Dilapidated beauty

Built for the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome this building was designed by architect Annibale Vitellozzi. The arena is constructed with a ribbed concrete shell dome 61m in diameter, itself constructed of 1620 prefabricated concrete pieces, braced by concrete flying buttresses. As much of the structure was prefabricated, so that the dome was erected in 40 days. To me […]

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Oh Napoli!

Napoli, sei unica! You are unique indeed! Imagine Easter day, thousands of people on the streets, taking sun, eating, chatting, fighting, celebrating…couldn’t chose a more inappropriate day to visit the southern city. It was dirty, noisy with a killer traffic but above all mostly in ruins. Charming…errr I’m not that sure but maybe this is […]

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This is first building Zaha Hadid’s studio built in Rome. It is also the first national museum of architecture to be established in Italy. Having an architectural background I cannot look at buildings other than subjectively. I must admit that I look at Hadid’s buildings with a particular critical eye than I would normally do, […]

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One of a kind museum in Rome

In the 1990’s Capitolini Museums needed a temporary space to accommodate a big part of its art works while restructuring some of their buildings. The chosen destination for this long-term yet temporary exhibition was an old electricity plant owned by Acea close to Garbatella metro station. It used to be the first power plant that […]

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New vs Old

Happy new year my dearest friends out there! I hope 2014 will be full of beautiful surprises, adventures and health! I’m definitely not a person of many words, I’m better off expressing my feelings visually. Let me, therefore, be around you, yet another year, sharing my runs on the streets or anywhere chance is leading […]

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