Reviving ‘iamontherun’

Last time I posted on this website was three days before the birth of my daughter, almost eight months ago. A very long time for not publishing anything but a very short time in my life, since it has gone in a blink of an eye. I cannot remember the times I thought about my […]

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Sunny days happy days

My excitement sky rocketed today. It’s 6th of November in this part of the world (Spain – Valencia) and people are  still going to the beach!! I was amazed, I mean it might be the normality here but I’m not used to it. Me and my partner took a bike ride to see the sea […]

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Tanzania on my mind

My mind keeps on going back to this fantastic country. So much so that I managed to make it the theme of my first photography exhibition. It takes place in one of the most beautiful towns in Romania – Brasov, hosted by the coolest bistro in town – Simone Disco Bistro.

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Missing London

Strangely enough, at least considering how much I wanted to leave the city in search of sunny lands, I miss it. These are a few shots I took while one of my last wanders around London in Greenwich Park. Related articles Spend a day at Greenwich Park! (  

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