Chasing the day

I was away to visit my family in Romania for a few days (some pictures to come) but before that I was busy walking the streets, looking for every little corner of design/interior inspiration for what it is now an extended boutique of my mothers bespoke clothing atelier in the heart of Rome. A quick […]

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I am silent lately, I know, I am not giving up this blog, I am just experiencing a very busy time in my life with a lot of radical changes. Nothing bad, all good, it just takes most of my time and energy. Part of the changes involves moving house, therefore internet connection is an […]

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London on the go

Funny enough, my camera phone was used the most in the last year…mainly because I spent my days from home to work, while in the bus, as the weather was really bad here in London. These snapshots are just a few from my instagram gallery. I have to admit, it is so easy to have […]

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Useful information for Londoners


As I was waiting for the bus on my way home yesterday I thought it would be nice to share a very useful information many people, who live in London and use bus as main public transport, would find priceless (at least I do).
Yes I felt generous, so I took 2 photos quickly, before jumping on to 38.
I want to show you the way to a peaceful wait!
Since I have discovered this text service I became addicted and I feel the queen of the bus station when I look around and see everyone restless waiting for a ‘God knows when is the next’ bus to come!
The response with the no of minutes to the next buses arriving is instant, just try…it not only saves time but it’s fun!

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