On the way back to London

These are snippets from our journey back to London. After one year of living ‘la dolceĀ vita’ in Rome we realised rainy London fits better to our characters. We filled in our little blue Lupo and set off towards Calais to pick up the ferry to Dover. 1800kms drive, gear-box broken but safe and sound we […]

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Oh Napoli!

Napoli, sei unica! You are unique indeed! Imagine Easter day, thousands of people on the streets, taking sun, eating, chatting, fighting, celebrating…couldn’t chose a more inappropriate day to visit the southern city. It was dirty, noisy with a killer traffic but above all mostly in ruins. Charming…errr I’m not that sure but maybe this is […]

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…you seduced me! I’ve been twice before but I found you different now. Maybe it was the weather, or the lavender & dark chocolate ice-cream I had, or your charming streets packed with lovely different architectural buildings…it definitely wasn’t the uninspired falafel wrap I had in a hurry starved of hunger after a few hours […]

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Campo de Fiori Market

Every day of the week at about 3pm the most famous market of Rome, Campo de Fiori, has to be cleaned so that the next morning at 5am can start again it’s activity. It has been like this for more than 100 years. I find it amazing how the market with all it’s stalls and […]

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Calcata on top of the hill

One of the reasons why we decided to live in Italy was the beauty of the country. We told ourselves we will take every opportunity or create one to explore it as much as possible. We even bought a car having this in mind. The other week one of my best friends from London visited […]

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Bits of Romania in August

Introducing bits of Romania. Like always, I had to run from one side of the country to another. It’s a tough job to do when you have 5-6 days to see family and friends and you don’t want to miss anyone, impossible task obviously. This time I had a bit of time to discover the […]

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The sweet road back home

Once upon a time in Zanzibar, with my family, driving back home after a long and fantastic day at the beach. We were based in the south east area of the island but we decided to make a day trip to the north, most touristy area. I regularly find myself missing this beautiful island and […]

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