Bits of Madrid

Spending Christmas outside Valencia was a last-minute decision and so we chose Madrid since neither of us had been before and thought a few days would be a good introduction to the capital. As per the usual custom, we decided on AirBnb for accommodation. A lovely one I must say, situated in an¬†ex-commercial center building […]

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Sunny days happy days

My excitement sky rocketed today. It’s 6th of November in this part of the world (Spain – Valencia) and people are  still going to the beach!! I was amazed, I mean it might be the normality here but I’m not used to it. Me and my partner took a bike ride to see the sea […]

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Valencia’s first view

One thing is certain, the colour of the sky is the deepest most appealing blue one can ever imagine. Gorgeous! Yeah, I know there isn’t a picture here to prove I’m right but trust me, you would be stunned. I’ll come back with more pictures.

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