Tanzania on my mind

My mind keeps on going back to this fantastic country. So much so that I managed to make it the theme of my first photography exhibition. It takes place in one of the most beautiful towns in Romania – Brasov, hosted by the coolest bistro in town – Simone Disco Bistro.

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Soon to be replaced

Part of an old residential development in Central London, this building will soon be demolished to be replaced by a modern residential project. I walk a lot around London and I am always surprised by the lack of vegetation on balconies/terraces. I mean, this is England, the grass is green all year round, with the […]

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New personal project in progress. London’s houses have an array of fantastic doors ( I know you can’t really see it here but that’s the point), in all shapes and colours. Lately, I can be found in front of people’s houses photographing doors.

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Campo de’Fiori in February

I have recently revisited Rome, partly because I wanted to spend a few days with my mum and partly because I missed the city. It was also around St. Valentine’s day, I thought, since my partner couldn’t join me, I should just enjoy my Italian love, Rome! Lazy weekend, walking around, eating well, remembering familiar […]

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