Reviving ‘iamontherun’

Last time I posted on this website was three days before the birth of my daughter, almost eight months ago. A very long time for not publishing anything but a very short time in my life, since it has gone in a blink of an eye. I cannot remember the times I thought about my […]

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Joan’s place in Russafa

Some of you might know already, from my previous post, that I had the opportunity to organise my second photography exhibition. I would like to introduce you now to the lovely man that was kind enough to let me expose on the walls of his playground. I met Joan by chance when my partner was […]

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I am silent lately, I know, I am not giving up this blog, I am just experiencing a very busy time in my life with a lot of radical changes. Nothing bad, all good, it just takes most of my time and energy. Part of the changes involves moving house, therefore internet connection is an […]

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