Promenade dining in Valencia

Visiting Valencia!? Grab some takeaway food, foldable chairs and table and head over to the beach for dinner. You will find yourself among a community of diners that are omnipresent during the summer nights. It is such a vibrant atmosphere! Flamenco music, drinks, food, people gathering in groups, what else could you want! Part of […]

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Joan’s place in Russafa

Some of you might know already, from my previous post, that I had the opportunity to organise my second photography exhibition. I would like to introduce you now to the lovely man that was kind enough to let me expose on the walls of his playground. I met Joan by chance when my partner was […]

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Bits of Madrid

Spending Christmas outside Valencia was a last-minute decision and so we chose Madrid since neither of us had been before and thought a few days would be a good introduction to the capital. As per the usual custom, we decided on AirBnb for accommodation. A lovely one I must say, situated in an¬†ex-commercial center building […]

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Tanzania on my mind

My mind keeps on going back to this fantastic country. So much so that I managed to make it the theme of my first photography exhibition. It takes place in one of the most beautiful towns in Romania – Brasov, hosted by the coolest bistro in town – Simone Disco Bistro.

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On the way back to London

These are snippets from our journey back to London. After one year of living ‘la dolce¬†vita’ in Rome we realised rainy London fits better to our characters. We filled in our little blue Lupo and set off towards Calais to pick up the ferry to Dover. 1800kms drive, gear-box broken but safe and sound we […]

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Oh Napoli!

Napoli, sei unica! You are unique indeed! Imagine Easter day, thousands of people on the streets, taking sun, eating, chatting, fighting, celebrating…couldn’t chose a more inappropriate day to visit the southern city. It was dirty, noisy with a killer traffic but above all mostly in ruins. Charming…errr I’m not that sure but maybe this is […]

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